First bath vs today´s bath time.


Giving Hannah her first bath on our own after 5 weeks in the NICU, was one of the most exiting moments I was waiting for.  In my head, she was going to be like all those baby videos where they make cute sounds, relax or even give you a little smirk.


But I do have to say that it has been one of the most amazing moments spent with her. My husband kept calling her towel, “The Jamiroquai towel”.  Not anymore. Now she´s grown and she barely fits in it.


It´s been a year since  we gave her, her first bath, and all I can say is that bath time is her favorite thing through the day.  Whenever she hears me turn un the water, she will start crawling as fast as she can to get into the bathroom, she is even starting to get angry if we try to take her out the tub before she has played enough; extremely curious with  water coming out of the tub spout, or trying to figure out the amazing world of… Where is the water going after the tub drain is open?.

​  She barely likes to play with her toys unless it means that she can take them out of the tub making a mess of course. The good thing is that she is a happy clean baby till she decides she doesn’t like to take a bath anymore but we don´t see that happening any time soon.  I wonder if every baby enjoys bath time as much as Hannah? or are there babies who really dislike bath time at all?

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Proud mother of beautiful baby Hannah born with an extra chromosome. Amazed about every single thing she discovers and every milestone she achieves. She took over my Instagram account making many people happy, so I decided to blog about our lives even though I know Hannah will always steal the show with her smile and non-stop positive attitude towards life.

Thank you for reading.

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