Surprise, It´s Hannah!


Welcome to this crazy and exiting world little one.  Dad and I were in shock when the doctor said… “Oh boy” (we smiled thinking, here is our little boy), and then she added: “Her checks are so cute!” and we were like, WHAT!?

Since day 1 you have not only surprised us, but also you have been the strongest person in our world.  Born at 40 weeks, 8.3 pounds (C-Section of course) with amazing appetite.  It took us seconds to hold her and felt an undescridable love.


She had A-LOT-OF-HAIR thanks to her father.  Nurses in the NICU would play doing different hairdos every morning. All of the nurses were amazing!

First time I was able to feed her.  I was producing milk but not enough for her so I kept pumping every two hours and bringing it for her next feed.  Being able to feed her and look into her eyes was my favorite time through the whole day.

Daddy was in charge of changing diapers.  LOL



Categories: Down Syndrome


Proud mother of beautiful baby Hannah born with an extra chromosome. Amazed about every single thing she discovers and every milestone she achieves. She took over my Instagram account making many people happy, so I decided to blog about our lives even though I know Hannah will always steal the show with her smile and non-stop positive attitude towards life.

Thank you for reading.

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