About Little Nubecita

Hello world, meet our Little Nubecita.  A close friend named her Nubecita because she used a pair of cute stickers, cloud-shaped, on her face when sleeping.  She was diagnosed with sleep apnea due to her low muscle tone and the “cute clouds” would help the cannula stick easily to her nose.

Every time we went out, for a walk or in the subway, a child would come over and ask us: “why does she have clouds on her face?”

This was a no brainer.  Little Nubecita it is!

When my little girl came into my life, so did Down syndrome. This is the story of our lives, and how she became our little Nubecita.  

We want to share our story — from pregnancy, to birth, to wherever this amazing path takes us next —  not just for ourselves, but for anyone who has been down a similar path, or is about to.

As a first time mother at age 37, things were a little tough after T-21 was introduced into our lives. This was an unknown world, especially to us as first time parents. But as the days passed and new things started to happen, we became more than first time parents. We became happy parents; parents who are so proud of our strong little girl. 

I was born in Honduras and raised in Guatemala City. My husband is Guatemalan and Swiss. And now we have our little New Yorker, our little Nubecita, Hannah.