40 weeks pregnant

My husband and I decided to get pregnant without knowing I was already pregnant. I was very lucky and blessed to getting pregnant so fast.  For our honeymoon, we went to Tanzania; I didn’t want to take any Malaria pills nor Yellow Fever shots, I believed that I didn’t need them (I can be a slightly stubborn sometimes).

Our honeymoon was extraordinary; about a month and a half later, I started to feel very sick.  My husband said: I bet you have malaria!  But in my head, the thought was…  what if I am pregnant?  Eight weeks later, we decided to pay a visit to the doctor and the most amazing words came out of his mouth: Congratulations…you are pregnant!


The doctor was very nice; He showed us our little peanut and right away I felt that this little bundle of joy growing inside me was going to be a baby boy! Of course, we shared our exciting news with our families and close friends as soon as we walked out of the doctor´s office.

During one of my appointments, week 12 to me more specific, we had the NT (nuchal translucency scan); one of the most important ones because we were going to be able to find out the percentage of fluid in the back of our baby´s neck. We used to see 2 specialists; the doctor that performed my ultrasounds and my OB/Gyn.  

After performing the ultrasound, our doctor informed the results showing an additional 4.5 % of the translucency fluid in the back or our baby´s neck and that it could be sign of DS, or, that it could also be a false positive; he then recommended an amniocentesis exam if we wanted to confirm this hypothesis, but he also explained that this procedure carried a small risk of miscarriage.

In that moment, the world in front of me started spinning really fast and a whole bunch of emotions took over me, fear being number one.  It is extremely difficult trying to express into words what I was feeling; I felt the world around me had hit the ¨pause¨ button and everything that was bright and positive, immediately turned gray and negative. I will never forget the expression on my husband´s face…. who never stopped holding my hand.

I suddenly snapped out of my frozen world and told the doctor I was not interested in going through with the suggested procedure.  All that we needed and wanted to know was if our baby was healthy and growing accordingly to the number of weeks. He then said that not only our baby was growing perfectly, but also, that he or she was definitely an extremely happy baby; I remember him describing our baby as a bouncing jellybean 🙂


I came two more times for a checkup with our OB/Gyn.  I was already 16 weeks and whoever is reading my story, especially all of those amazing moms out there, know that a pregnant woman starts to get irritated and “feisty” very easily.

During my 16th week of pregnancy, my husband and I left the hospital almost crying.  We had the worst experience with my former OB/Gyn Doctor. All he focused from week 12-16, was that I was going to bring a DS baby into the world; he kept asking us the same questions over and over again, as if neither me nor my husband understood what he had said the first time; he focused if we were fully aware of the consequences and/or capable of “handling” such a situation, stalking about group therapy, counseling, etc. I look back now and I am sure this particular doctor had his best interests for our future baby, but he definitely lacked people skills and didn´t had what it took to convey the message.

At some point, my husband and I looked at each other thinking: “What´s wrong with this guy?” I believe we had been very clear with our decision and the fact that WE WERE GOING TO HAVE THIS BABY no matter what; of course, both fully aware that my health was a priority and only if my health was at risk, then we would´ve change lanes.

I was living in Manhattan during my pregnancy, and “abortion” is very common nowadays in this city…but c´mon…maybe, if we´d drew the doc a picture, he would´ve gotten our message. This was our last appointment with this doctor; we switched, and thank God we did, because our new OB was simply fantastic!

Days, weeks, months went by and me and our LO kept growing very healthy and extremely bouncy. Overall, I had a beautiful and healthy pregnancy; blood pressure was great, I remember drinking more water that I could ever imagine, walking a lot when I could, going to work until my last month when I had to work from home while our beautiful unborn baby kept growing, kicking, jumping and moving all day long with nonstop hiccups.

Because this is our first child, we decided to keep our baby´s gender a secret, even to ourselves.  Both families went crazy when we told them, and I have to admit that my family was a “tad” more intense than that of my husband´s I remember talking on the phone with my sister and her telling me that she would find the means to pay the doctor a “little extra”, if you know what I mean, and reveal the secret to her…It was a fun conversation.

The baby kept moving so much that it felt he/she was doing cartwheels inside me.

We lived in a one bedroom apartment next to Battery Park so we decided not to buy anything until week 37. Everyone told us we were crazy because by week 37 many babies are born, not to mention that I was not going to be as “agile” to move from one place to another ☺. This was the last time my husband took me out on a date since I could barely move, not to mention this was Manhattan and I was terrified that someone would ran me over on the street.  My parents arrived by the time I had reached 38 weeks and the future god mother -my wonderful sister- arrived on week 40 at 7.30 p.m.  She came into the apartment, gave my belly a kiss and said, “it´s ok little one, you can come out now”. Contractions started at 2:00a.m.