Graduation Day: You are a BIG Sister Now ❤️

Congratulations Hannah on your new tittle!!! We can’t explain how much we are looking forward to seeing you share your life with someone that will also be by your side.

Most of all, we wanted to thank you, Hannah, for being so good to us. It is true that you are our first child, but overall, we believe that we have been incredibly lucky with you. You’ve been our biggest blessing

In every parents’ eyes, their child is perfect but you need to understand that, on top of that, you’ve made parenthood extremely easy to us since we never got to experience:

1. Waking up in the middle of the night. You left the NICU when you were 5 weeks old, and, ever since, you’ve slept the entire night through. From 10pm to 6am, and gradually you went from 7pm to 7am.

2. You never cried when waking up. We knew you were up because the bassinet was shaking and you were moving, always smiling or with a wow look on your face observing everything around you.

3. You never cried because you had a wet diaper. We just kept your diapers on a schedule and we knew when to change them.

4. Feeding was always easy and pleasent. Since you were born, you’ve always had a great appetite and when you started with solids… you ate everything.

5. Taking you out it’s always a beautiful experience. You eat what you have to eat in restaurants, you are very sociable and kind and always interested in the table next you; you love to HIGH5 strangers and greet them with a big smile everywhere you go.

6. Traveling has never been an issue with you. You sleep, you eat, you wave to all passengers, keep calm the entire flight, making this experience enjoyable to us…and the passengers 😊

7. It’s been 28 months that we put you to bed and you understand that it’s time to sleep and you just fall asleep by yourself. I remember that even at the age of 5 weeks old, we would sing you your dad’s fav lullaby, say goodnight, turn off the lights and you would close your eyes and fall asleep by yourself.

Hannah, we can’t express enough how happy, blessed, proud and extremely LUCKY + EASY you’ve made parenthood to us. It’s been the best 28 months of our life and now, it’s about to get even better because someone really amazing will join our world. You are a big sister now, and we know your baby sister could not have been any luckier as you will be , her biggest role model.

We love and thank you Little Nubecita ❤️

Mom and Dad

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Proud mother of beautiful baby Hannah born with an extra chromosome. Amazed about every single thing she discovers and every milestone she achieves. She took over my Instagram account making many people happy, so I decided to blog about our lives even though I know Hannah will always steal the show with her smile and non-stop positive attitude towards life.

Thank you for reading.

1 Comment

  1. Nydia

    Que hermoso mensaje le quedará a mi adorada NUBECITA para el futuro cuando sepa leer. Lloré de leer tanto amor en unas líneas hija mía. Dios y la Virgen les y nos han regalado dos angelitos y se que el mismo amor le darás a Elise y a mi pequeña NUBECITA aún más para que acepte ser de Big Sister.
    Bendiciones les regale la Virgen y también está siempre la mía.
    Besitos y mi amor eterno
    Mita ✨❤️✨


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