First Bath


Giving Hannah her first bath on our own after 5 weeks in the NICU, was one of the most exiting moments I was waiting for.  In my head, she was going to be like all those baby videos where they make cute sounds, relax or even give you a little smirk.


But I do have to say that it has been one of the most amazing moments with her.

My husband kept calling her towel, “The Jamiroquai towel”.  Not anymore. Now she´s grown and she barely fits in it.


Categories: Down Syndrome


Proud mother of beautiful baby Hannah born with an extra chromosome. Amazed about every single thing she discovers and every milestone she achieves. She took over my Instagram account making many people happy, so I decided to blog about our lives even though I know Hannah will always steal the show with her smile and non-stop positive attitude towards life.

Thank you for reading.

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